FOX ITALIA Factory – is a well-known manufacturer of luxury upholstered furniture. The company's sofas meet high standards, they are very comfortable, durable and beautiful. Most of the brand's models are made almost without decor. They are distinguished by their functional simplicity and modern modern style, which implies the absence of unnecessary details.

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Italian white sofa in the interior

Ordinary and angular white sofas are often found in the living rooms of different houses and apartments. They are out of fashion, as they have many advantages:

  • Status view. Light furniture looks more expensive and more refined. It will allow you to realize any interior dreams and create an atmosphere of comfort in the room.

  • Versatility. Suitable for any style: classic, modern, Baroque, Empire, art deco, high-tech, etc. With this sofa, you can easily update the interior over time without the extra cost of replacing upholstered furniture.

  • Elegance. The white color in the room gives a feeling of lightness and does not overload the space. It creates comfort and disposes to communication.

  • Neutrality. This is a neutral color of the furniture, so you can easily build a color scheme for the design of the space. Such products do not catch the eye and do not get bored with time.

At the same time, the products can be quite diverse in color nuances. They can be milky, beige, cream, vanilla and even light pink. When choosing, you should start only from your own tastes.

TIP :White sofas – this is a very branded thing that is easy to get dirty. Therefore, it is better to choose products with water-and dirt-repellent characteristics. They can be cleaned from any contamination with detergents and a sponge.

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