Felis WALLY sofa

Availability: Under the order
Types of furniture Straight sofa
Style Modern
Factory Felis
Collection EVERGREEN
Article WALLY
Length (cm): 98; 166; 186; 202; 216; 232; 246; 255
Height (cm): 83
Depth (cm): 106; 143
Material Сloth

Felis WALLY sofa in a modern style in blue fabric upholstery. Wally is an intriguing design concept: a cushionless seat, bold lines and versatility for comfort that follows the inspiration of the moment. Each seat is equipped with non-slip wheels. The bottom center bar allows you to adjust the amount of effort required to slide. Depending on the weight of the user or his preferences. The seat can move forward more or less easily depending on whether the adjustment flywheel is screwed on or not.

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