Cavio – is one of the most popular manufacturers of Italian furniture in the post-Soviet space. The presented company was founded in the city of Bavolona in 1954. It all started with a small family workshop, where high-qualityItalian furniturewas made to order. Gradually, there were more and more orders, and at the same time, the production capacity of the enterprise increased.

Todayluxury furniture Cavio is made in a huge factory, and it is sold not only in Italy, but also in dozens of countries around the world.

What makes Cavio furniture stand out?

The presented brand focuses not on mass production, but on the quality and exclusivity of its products. Basically, the factory produces furniture in the classical style, as well as Art deco style. But at the same time, the company's designers do not forget about convenience, so they pay a lot of attention to the little things that make interior items practical and functional.

Italian living rooms , cabinets, children's and other headsets released under the Cavio trademark have such undeniable advantages:

  • The use of expensive and valuable materials. The main material is solid wood, and crystal, marble, gilding, ivory and other materials can be used to decorate products.

  • Successfully fit into different interiors. But you need to understand that classic and Art deco furniture is mainly suitable for apartments and large-area houses. They look out of place in a tight space. In addition, one of the main features of such furniture is its massiveness.

  • Unsurpassed design, which is developed by teams of talented architects, artists and designers.

  • Many works at the factory, as well as 50 years ago, are performed by craftsmen manually. More than one equipment will not be able to decorate furniture as beautifully and uniquely as Italian cabinetmakers do.

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