ASNAGHI INTERIORS company is famous all over the world for its chic collections, which create a unique interior that resembles a castle or a palace. The small town of Brianza became the birthplace of the brand, it was there that the talented master decided to open his own business more than a hundred years ago. The manufacturer confidently developed its business, and soon reached great heights. The company's products adorn international exhibitions, elite salons, and receive awards.

IMPORTANT :The manufacturer maintains its reputation throughout the entire period of its work & ndash; each product is exclusive, distinguished by proven quality and talented execution.

Italian furniture, as a sign of fashionable interior

Four-poster bed from Italy, unique mirrors and bar counters, accessories and tables & ndash; ASNAGHI INTERIORS range. All products are made of high-quality wood, which looks expensive and solid. The masters of the enterprise manually create masterpieces, cutting out the most beautiful patterns, drawings.

TIP: The combination of genuine leather and wood is ideal for the study & ndash; for example, Italian leather chairs look great next to a wooden desk.

The manufacturer uses exclusive finishing materials, creating upholstery made of velour, velvet, silk. The products are endowed with a special mystery thanks to brass fittings and decorative accessories.

Designer Recommendations for Fashionable interiors

  1. Aristocratic luxury is back in fashion – Italian four-poster beds, fringed chairs, curved legs.

  2. Contrasts look stylish & ndash; black and white or yellow-green interior looks original.

  3. Floor lamps from Italy add sophistication to the rooms.

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